The Easiest Way To Save Money!

Well, folks...I think it's finally happened.  After 80 long weeks of price matching which has cost me countless hours of combing through grocery ads, there is finally an easier way!

I found a website (whose services are now free!) that I've been using to price match all of my grocery & household items for the past few weeks.  They're unlike any other site I've been using & I'm hooked.  Here's why:

*  The prices are good.  They don't just lazily post every price in the weekly ads (because some of those prices are downright highway robbery).  I know if the price is on this site, it at least deserves a second glance.

*  The dates are accurate.  They're very quick to update the info, so you aren't seeing a 2-day sale price that expired 3 days ago.

*  They include most of the ethnic markets whose prices are MUCH better than traditional grocery chains.

*  You can arrange the departments in the route you specifically travel around the store.  Then it prints the list in that order which eliminates the frustration of back-tracking when you've missed an item as your flipping back & forth between 3 lists!  Grrrr!  Life is good now.

*  When the list prints out, the back pages contain little photos of each individual ad.  Walmart is supposed to ad match even if you don't have the ad, but it never hurts to have some concrete proof with you...especially if it's a particularly sweet deal on meat.

Enjoy, Las Vegas!  Dramatically cutting your grocery costs has just gotten a lot easier.  And for my readers outside of Vegas...hopefully this inspires you to find or create a resource like this in your part of the country!

All this (& a blog) can be found at  I probably spend 30 minutes creating my shopping list used to take a couple of hours between all the ads & websites. 

I've been able to spend my last 3 Tuesday nights bonding with my hubby instead of being stuck combing through hundreds of ad prices.  When I first found this site, I was envious that I didn't have the technical resources to share my grocery prices in an efficient, I just cuddle up & watch a movie with a handsome man & feel thankful that somebody else did!  :) 


  1. Hallelujah!!! Thank you so much for the info on the site! I am so happy you are posting again:)

  2. UPDATE: has been shut down. They say it's temporary, but there's been no signs of life over there in a long time. I hope to see them back again soon! They truly did make life easier.


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