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Here We Go!

T wenty months ago, our family's life changed directions.  My husband & I began paying closer attention to exactly what we spent our money on.  It was NOT pretty...or pleasant, but it started a consistent attitude change.  We knew that if we took better care of what we had, we would inevitably have more. Eight months ago, we had another growth spurt.  I told my best girlfriend about our efforts & said I felt like I had hit a plateau.  That day at lunch, I feverishly took notes on the paper placemat as she explained how she tracked sales & used coupons.  The methods she used saved us thousands of dollars & our pantries & shelves are overflowing. Five months ago, we got our 3rd wake-up call which was a financial workshop that challenged us to do 2 things.  They both excited me about as much as having my eyeballs paper-cut.  1) We write & adhere to a Spending Plan each month.  2) Six spending categories each have an envelope containing every penny tha