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Hey, New Couponers!

Welcome to Stretch Your Savings! I hope you enjoyed the Stewardship/Couponing Workshop.  Congratulations for taking your first step towards spending less & having more! With a little hard work, you'll totally change things for your family.  It's awesome. You can find the link to the grocery price spreadsheet here .  Like I said in the workshop, inflation is a beast!  If you can get anywhere close to these prices, it's probably worth stocking up. If you have any questions or would just like a little refresher course, you can check out the earliest posts on this blog.  I began by explaining what motivated me to start & then wrote about each step of what I do every week.  You can find posts on how to organize your coupons , understanding coupon lingo , making your own cleaning supplies & lots of other helpful tips. Enjoy!  Start slow.  Stay organized.  Don't give up.  :)