How to Have More While Spending Less

Sunday, December 15, 2013

How To Stretch Your Grocery Dollar (Even After Your Shopping Trip)

A lot of this blog is about stretching your savings.  It's important.  A penny saved is a penny earned!

But another crucially important part of saving money is stretching what you've already bought.  I get SOOOO mad at myself when I find an awesome deal on food, buy a ton of it, bring it home & end up losing most of it.  It's usually my fault & could've been prevented.  Even if I had saved becomes a 100% unnecessary expense with 0% nourishment of my family.  Anger!

Most of us already have our own ways of stretching our grocery dollar at home.  Some people have instituted "Meatless Monday" at their house.  This saves money and helps their cholesterol.  I haven't convinced my husband yet, but I'm working on it.

Some of us have fun, quirky tips & tricks to stretch recipes by substituting less expensive ingredients, switching out cuts of meat, etc.

This morning I ran across a post about how most of our depression-era Grandmas would stretch their pantry ingredients.  This article is different than most I've read.  This article deals with a problem that I face on a regular basis.

We (as couponers, stockpilers, whatever you call us) usually buy a lot of food at once.  We find a spectacular deal on an item & stock up with enough of that item to last us until it goes on sale again.  ...Or we buy as much of it as we can possibly afford that week if it's something we know our family likes.

Enter the problem:

We over-bought & some of it is starting to go bad.  Oops! 

"Maybe I didn't need that entire case of oranges after all."
"I wish I had done a better job rotating my 5 million boxes of cereal so the older ones didn't get stale."

I hope I'm the only one this has happened to, but I imagine that I'm not alone here.  That's why I decided to post a link to the article below.  It shares tips on how to save food that's going bad, how to revive food that's past its prime & how to prevent items from going bad as quickly as they naturally would.

It's a decent list.  Decent enough to make me take time out of my peaceful Sunday morning & post it on a blog I haven't touched in a long time!  Enjoy.

14 Frugal Food Rescuing Tips From Grandma

No, I'm not getting compensated.  But even if I was, I'd still be honest about what I do & don't think you should spend time reading.   Because your Time IS Money & I get that!  :) 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Free Owl Calendar

How fun is this?

I found a free, customizable, printable 2014 Owl Calendar!  You can pick from 50 different owl-themed masterpieces & choose which month you want for each one.

I downloaded it & it's basically a 3-page format with 4 different months per page.  It's going to make a cute, free gift for my daughter's teacher who adores owls.  How fun!  Enjoy!

Click on the precious icon below to start creating your calendar.

Owl Lover 2014 Calendar

Monday, August 12, 2013

Moving Madness

Whew!  If anyone out there is moving into a new home (like I am), you know it's the epitome of exhaustion.  And chaos.  And disappointment that's hopefully at some point counteracted by excitement.

I just heard that is running a couple of unprecedented sales this month.  And, as always, they pick up the tab on shipping AND sales tax (when the government lets 'em).

Click on the cute photo to learn more.  I'm stoked.  And in serious need of a foot rub.  Repeat after me: "A pretty house is worth the agony...".  :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hey, New Couponers!

Welcome to Stretch Your Savings!

I hope you enjoyed the Stewardship/Couponing Workshop.  Congratulations for taking your first step towards spending less & having more!

With a little hard work, you'll totally change things for your family.  It's awesome.

You can find the link to the grocery price spreadsheet here.  Like I said in the workshop, inflation is a beast!  If you can get anywhere close to these prices, it's probably worth stocking up.

If you have any questions or would just like a little refresher course, you can check out the earliest posts on this blog.  I began by explaining what motivated me to start & then wrote about each step of what I do every week. 

You can find posts on how to organize your coupons, understanding coupon lingo, making your own cleaning supplies & lots of other helpful tips.

Enjoy!  Start slow.  Stay organized.  Don't give up.  :)