Money-Saving Household Hints- Fabric Softener

My Mom has sent me some handy new books about quirky household & money-saving ideas.
So far, I've found out that fabric softener & the sheets are pretty darn multi-functional.
* You can spray your broom with 3 parts water & 1 part liquid fabric softener to reduce the amount of dust it kicks up.  I WILL be trying this at work (at Starbucks) because simply re-arranging the dust in the cafe is annoying to everyone.

* You can apparently dust your TV & computer screens with a used fabric softener sheet to get the dust AND static off.

* An unused fabric softener sheet can be used to clean up pet hair.  Just wipe it on the sofa, carpet, your dog...anywhere the hair's stuck to.

The name of the books are Who Knew? and they've published 3 volumes so far.  They're written by Bruce & Jeanne Lubin & I plan on sharing a lot of their hints with you.

Have a great week!  :)


  1. Great tips. One more tip which I follow. If you run out these sheets - just add a couple of drops of fabric softner on to a used fabric softner sheet and use it again when drying your clothes.



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