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Dave Ramsey and Your Grandmother

Believe it or not, Dave Ramsey and your Grandmother have a lot in common. Sometimes Grandmas share crazy wives' tales so we just smile and nod...then secretly roll our eyes.  But other times they offer timeless wisdom that's invaluable...and we should be taking copious notes. A fella named Dave Ramsey has also shared some timeless wisdom, but is the first to admit, "I'm not telling you anything different than what you're grandmother would tell you.". I am one of Dave Ramsey's Financial Coaches and he's a pretty smart cookie.  He's also paid his fair share of what he calls "Stupid Tax" over the years when he's ignored the simple financial principles he teaches today.  (Haven't we all!) But, fortunately, he's come a long way & so have we.  All because of some timeless wisdom.    Click here for a cool video of Grandmothers ...and consider taking some notes!  Turns out Dave Ramsey AND your Grandma are pretty sma