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Food Revolution Day 2012

One of my favorite chefs, Jamie Oliver, made today Food Revolution Day!  It's about eating real food instead of the processed junk that I (way too often) fall back on just to save time.  Over 600 cities around the world are participating by focusing on real food today.  Some people are having dinner parties, restaurants are holding events...WE went to the Orchard & picked our own  food!  Yes.  In the Las Vegas desert. I can't wait to concoct something scrumpty tonight!  The little ones at carrots & apricots with their lunch & couldn't get enough.  It is VERY true that kids will try more foods if they're involved in either growing, picking or cooking them.  I can't wait to try 2 new kinds of squash tonight: Starburst and One Ball.  Who knows what they taste like, but I'm happy that we get to find out! If you haven't visited The Gilcrease Orchard yet, you need to!  They charge $3 entry fee per car or you can park outside & walk in fo