Oven-Fried Pickles!

Well, Pinterest strikes again!  I swear, I adore that site.  I found a healthier, easier recipe for fried pickle chips.  My little sister's coming into town today and we WILL be making these.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with these crispy, salty bites of Heaven, you can find them at Smashburger in Las Vegas.  They're the perfect side dish for a spicy burger.  For my Southern readers, you're probably already addicted to these & are currently opening a jar of pickles in anticipation for this recipe.

That's me in New Orleans last year...recovering from an infamous bout of the stomach flu.  Really infamous.  A foodie like me being queasy in the Big Easy was torturous.  BUT, as soon as I felt human again, I hit the fried pickles!  These were at a little dive oyster bar & they were especially heavenly.  (I wasn't brave enough to assault my poor tummy with raw oysters at that juncture, so I was elated to see these guys on the menu!)

I don't own a deep fryer & happen to be absolutely terrified of spattering, spitting grease in a frying pan. So this recipe just might change my life...without changing my waistline as much as the original recipe tends to do. ;)

I plan on dipping these little suckers in some Ranch dressing, whole grain mustard & Cajun remoulade!  A cold beer, some pork spareribs & good company will round out the perfect evening.

Well, here we go...Click here for the easiest recipe known to man.
Who says good ol' Southern comfort food can't fit into our New Year's resolutions?  Enjoy!


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