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Free Printable Labels

Wow!  I just ran across one of THE best free printables & I had to share them with you.  This lady is a killer designer & offers some pretty vintage labels that you can actually customize.  Go to her blog & enjoy!   Customize, print & label your hearts out!

Party Ideas for The Big Game

I am a sucker for party food.  If your team is playing in 'The Big Game', I'm sure you're having or attending a party.  If your team isn't playing...let's just use this as an excuse for some killer party snacks!  Today, I'm sharing two knocked-outta-the-park victories & one epic fail! Over the years, I've been using Pinterest to find innovative ideas for snacks, drinks, party decor & other things you wouldn't believe if I told you. One of my biggest party food victories has actually been about party drinks!  I am obsessed with kitchen gadgets & my sodastream is no exception. Even after having (mostly) eliminating soda from my diet, I still put this bad boy to work! I use it to make sparkling water & just add some mint, lemon, lime, rosemary, cucumber...whatever sounds good.  It's a quick, cheap, healthy alternative to soda & that extra-chemically diet soda.  Sparkling lemonade is also transcendent.  I highly recommend