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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Month-End Deals

Hey, everyone.  I hope you're having a safe & relaxing holiday weekend.

I just wanted to give you guys a 'heads-up' about some coupons.  These typically get pulled at the end of the month, so we should have 4 more days to print these out. 

*Don't forget: Once you print a coupon, you should be able to hit your Back button 3X for it to print a 2nd copy.  :)  If you printed a group of them, you can just go back to the site & select them all again for 1 more print.

If you see any coupons you like, just click on the link at the bottom of this post.  Enjoy!

Food & Beverage:
$1.00 OFF any 1 IHOP at Home frozen breakfast product
$1.00 OFF any 1 Hellmann's Mayonnaise (Redeem only at Shop-Rite)
$1.00 OFF one (1) 1.75 Qt of Blue Bunny Premium Ice Cream
$1.00 OFF 1 Lightlife  Product
$1.00 OFF 1 one (1) 46 oz. variety of V8 V-Fusion + Tea beverage
$1.00 OFF TWO 8 oz. 6-packs or 46 oz. bottle varieties of V8 V-Fusion Juice

$1.00 OFF TWO V8® 100% vegetable juice 46 oz or larger varieties
$1.00 OFF 1 package of MorningStar Farms Breakfast Biscuits
$1.00 OFF 1 RED BARON Pizza Singles 
$1.00 OFF 1 Magnum Ice Cream
$1.00 OFF 1 McCann's Irish Oatmeal product
$0.55 OFF 1 Bagel-fuls (4ct)
$0.50 OFF 1 Hanover Frozen Soft Pretzels
$0.50 OFF 1 One (1) 59oz. Trop50 Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade 


Personal Care:
$5.00 OFF 1 Sally Hansen Simple Spa Wax Warmer Kit. Redeemable ONLY at Walmart
$4.00 OFF any 1 Alaway - Get up to 12 hours of allergy eye-itch relief!
$3.00 OFF 1 Sally Hansen Simple Spa Wax Warmer Kit

$3.00 OFF 1 Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation Product Redeemable ONLY at CVS/Pharmacy
$2.00 OFF 1 Rimmel Product. Redeemable ONLY at Rite Aid
$2.00 OFF 1 L'Oreal Healthy Look Crème Gloss Hair Color
$2.00 OFF 1 Sally Hansen Hair Remover, Wax or Bleach Product.  ONLY at Walmart
$2.00 OFF 1 Sally Hansen Beauty Tool ($4.00 or more)
$2.00 OFF any 1 Sally Hansen Brush On In-Shower Product.
$2.00 OFF any 1 OFF! clip-on MOSQUITO REPELLENT starter

$1.00 OFF any 1 OFF! Botanicals product
$0.75 OFF any 1OFF! Personal Insect Repellent
$1.00 OFF any 1 Coppertone Suncare Product (excluding lip balm or trial size)
$2.00 OFF 1 Renu fresh or Renu sensitive multi-purpose solution (8 oz or larger)
$1.00 OFF any 1 Listerine Mouthwash
$1.00 OFF 1 Dr. Scholl's Corn, Callus, Bunion, Padding, Fungal Nail Product
$1.00 OFF 1 Sally Hansen Nail Treatment Product
$1.00 OFF 1 Mitchum or Mitchum for Women product

$1.00 OFF 1 New York Color Lip OR Nail Product ($1.72 or more)
$0.55 OFF 1 one 50ct Canister of Sani-Hands Sanitizing Wipes      

Health Care:
$4.00 OFF 1 Non-Drowsy Claritin Allergy Product (24 count or larger)
$3.00 OFF 1 Flex-a-min product
$3.00 OFF 1 Osteo Bi-Flex Caplet, Softgel or Powder (Excluded Liquid)
$3.00 OFF 1 Senokot Tablets or Senokot-S Tablets
$3.00 OFF 1 Non-Drowsy Claritin-D Allergy Product
$3.00 OFF 1 Prevacid 24hr Product
$2.00 OFF any 1 NASALCROM allergy product
$1.50 OFF any 1 Bayer Advanced Aspirin product
$1.00 OFF 1 Ester-C The Better Vitamin C Product
$1.00 OFF any 1 Little Tummys Yummy Fiber Gummies product
$1.00 OFF 1 Campho-Phenique Product

$3.00 OFF 1 Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Lasting Impressions holder
$3.00 OFF 1 Windex Outdoor All-In-One Glass Cleaning Tool Starter Kit
$1.00 OFF FOUR (4) rolls or more of SCOTT Naturals Bath Tissue
$1.00 OFF SIX (6) or more rolls of SCOTT Naturals Paper Towels
$1.00 OFF 2 Spic and Span Product (Good only on Liquids, Sprays and Powders)
$0.50 OFF 1 or more tub or refill of SCOTT Naturals Flushable Moist Wipes

Print free coupons here.  :)

FYI- The Wilkinson razor coupon makes it free at WalMart where it's typically only priced at $0.97!  I bought some Spic & Span this week, too.  Happy Shopping!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sunday Coupon Preview -5/29/11

I hate to say that there won't be any coupons in this Sunday's newspaper.  They tend to skip them on holiday weekends.

Please enjoy a safe Memorial Day weekend.  Grab some of the items that are on sale for the occasion like KoolAid & hot dogs.  The prices are so good in Las Vegas that I really stocked up on both.

The Sunday Coupon Preview site has some good info about getting coupons in the mail.  Check it out!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weekly Grocery List -5/25/11

Hey, there!  It seems like forever since I've talked to you guys!  I've missed you!

We had an indescribably amazing week at my baby sister's wedding!  Thanks for being so patient while we were celebrating.  :)

So, here's the run-down.  These items are near their lowest price this week, so buy enough to last until the next time they're on sale.  I did my shopping yesterday & it's a pretty fun list.   Memorial Day weekend brings some sales & summer drinks are here, too.

Coke products, 12pk                 $2.50 wyb4    Albertsons,Smiths
Gatorade 32 oz                         $0.50             Albertsons
KoolAid 6-8 qt size                    $0.99             Smiths
Tang 6-8 qt size                         $0.99             Smiths
Lemonade, CountryTime 6-8qt   $0.99           Smiths

mustard, French's 20 oz             $0.99           Albertsons
Lays KettleChips 8.5oz              $1.99             Smiths
Lays Chips 11oz                        $1.98             Food4Less

Pork spareribs                           $1.27/lb         Vons (wyb 10lbs)
OscarMeyer franks 16oz           $0.99             Vons
chicken breasts, w/bone            $0.99/lb         Smiths, BuyLow

seedless watermelon                $0.10/lb          Marianas
Limes                                        $0.34/LB         LaBonita
Lemons                                     $0.39/LB        Liborio
Bell Peppers, green                  $0.50/LB         Liborio
Roma tomatoes                        $0.34/lb          Mariana,BuyLow

*Note:  Due to the holiday weekend, this Sunday's newspaper will most likely contain ZERO coupon inserts.  So, it's extra important to shop smartly this week since they've left us hangin'!

Weekly Grocery List- Coming Soon!

Hey, everyone!  I'm back from my baby sister's wedding & I'm back in the saddle again!

I'm almost finished with this week's list of lowest grocery prices, but I need to check a few more of the Mexican markets.

If any of you are still hanging around from last week, thanks for sticking with me through my Wedding Week hiatus.

I should have the final list up here soon.  :)

Stay tuned for lots of fun, new content as well as the blog's gorgeous makeover!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

See You Next Week

Sorry to say this, but I'm going to be taking a short break from Stretch Your Savings.  The two wacky kids in the photo are getting married this weekend & I won't be blogging during the festivities. 

I should return next week as usual.  Please keep the wedding in your thoughts & prayers.

PS- Shortly after my return, the blog is getting a HUGE makeover!  A super-talented web guy has been working on it behind the scenes, so it's going to be really pretty & a lot of fun to use!  Have a great week.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekly Grocery List -5/11/11

This week has some pretty awesome deals.  You can take this list & your sales flyers to Wal-Mart to price-match, if you'd like.  As long as we're all super, duper organized & really nice to our cashiers, it looks like Wal-Mart will be honoring this for quite a while!  :)

Here are the best grocery prices in Las Vegas:

Chicken breasts (bone-in)             $0.99/lb.      Albertsons
Alaska Cod fillets                          $3.99/lb.      Albertsons
pork loin, boneless                        $1.99/lb.      Smart&Final
pork chops, sirloin end, bone-in    $1.49/lb.      Marketon
chicken legs                                  $0.69/lb.      BuyLow

cabbage, green                             $0.33/lb.      Food4Less
white corn                                      $0.17 ea.    Sunflower
seedless watermelon                    $0.10/lb.      Marianas
cucumbers                                    $0.10 ea.    Marianas
Iceberg lettuce                              $0.34 ea.     Marianas
navel oranges                               $0.17/lb       Marketon
apples, Jonagold                          $0.50/lb.      Marketon
apples, Pink Lady                         $0.34/lb.      BuyLow
apples, Granny Smith                   $0.50/lb.      Liborio

Mom's Best Naturals cereal 12-16.5oz    $0.99     Smiths
Sunny D 64 oz.                                $0.79         Smiths
pasta, Amer. Beauty 12-16 oz.       $0.49          Smiths
Quaker cereal 14-16 oz. sel.var.    $1.49          Smiths
Ketchup, Hunt's 24 oz.                   $0.88          Albertsons
BBQ sauce, Kraft 18oz.                 $0.48          Food4Less

Shock Top beer 12pk. bottles         $9.99        Fresh&Easy
E&J Brandy 750ml                          $6.99        Marketon

There ya go!  I'll check for coupon match-ups, but I'm not sure if there are any this week.  I'm still excited!  There's a lot of good stuff to stock up on this week.  I'm going to try to find an easy way to get that corn off the cob so I can freeze a bunch.  Happy shopping!  :)

Sunday Coupon Preview -5/15/11

Alright, everybody.  Here's what coupons we should expect to see in our Sunday paper.  We have a SmartSource & a RedPlum this week.  (In Las Vegas, we get our RedPlums in our Tuesday mail with our grocery store sales flyers.)

Click here to view the detailed list of coupons.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Saving Money at Starbucks!

Yes, it's possible! least for the next week.  :)

Between 3-5pm, all Frappuccino Blended Beverages are 1/2 price!  This promotion ends May 15th, but I have some customers who will save $45 in that time!

The new Mocha Coconut Frappuccino is addictive.  A quick confession...I have worked for Starbucks for almost 7 years & in that time, I have consumed exactly 1 frappuccino.  (No, samples don't count because it's part of my job to know how things taste so I can help customers.)

BUT!  I am in love with the Mocha Coconut Frappuccino!  It tastes so tropical.  I could eat the toasted coconut flakes by themselves...actually I have!  ...& will probably do so again today.

I digress...

I'm just really happy that Starbucks has found a way to combat the dreaded "Latte Factor" that financial counselors have basically equated to the devil himself! 

I say, throw a banana into your frappuccino & you've got the perfect lunch-in-a-cup...for 1/2 price!  Yum!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Sunday Coupon Preview- 5/8/11

Do you want to know exactly which coupons will be in Sunday's newspaper?  Click here for the complete list.

It looks like we'll be getting 1 SmartSource insert in the newspaper.  The 2011 Coupon Insert Schedule shows us getting a RedPlum this week, too, but that will probably be in Tuesday's mail.

My hubby will be so happy!  We haven't had Fig Newtons since I began couponing & Sunday's paper has a $1/1 coupon!  Hooray!!!

Weekly Coupon Match-Ups are some coupons I'm going to use this week.  They're Manufacturers' Coupons, so you can use them wherever you shop.  I'll be headed to WalMart for my usual price-matching trip & use them there.  Combine these with this week's grocery list for the best deals.  Cinco de Mayo has tequila everywhere!

$2 off Sauza tequila
    Book of Savings in this week's Albertson's flyer
    Makes it $7.98

$2 off Jose Cuervo tequila
     Smiths sales flyer AND CVS sales flyer
     Makes it $7.98

$1.85/3 Wishbone Salad Dressing
     Albertsons sales flyer
     Makes the 8oz size $0.37

$0.75/1 Mom's Best Natural Cereal
     Printable from (unavailable now)
     Makes it $0.24

$1/2 American Beauty Quick Cook pasta
     Printable here
    Makes it free

$0.50/1 Kraft Barbecue Sauce
     Albertsons sales flyer
     Makes it free

$1.00/3 Kellogg's Cereal
     Printable here
     Makes select varieties $1.44

The only other brand names I have on this week's grocery list are Philadelphia & SunnyD.  I couldn't find any printable coupons for either, but if you find any in the circulars, let us know.
Have a great weekend.  :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Weekly Grocery List -5/3/11

This week has a lot to offer.  There are some really good deals on steaks & lobsters because that's what people LOVE to have cooked for them on Mother's Day.  ;)  hint, hint...

OK, Vegas, here are the lowest grocery prices in town:

Seedless Watermelon        $0.17/lb       SunflowerMkt
Iceberg Lettuce                  $0.50 ea      Marianas
Key Limes                          5 cents ea    SunflowerMkt
Strawberries                       $0.98/lb       Fresh&Easy
White corn                          $0.25ea       Albertsons
Haas avocados                  $0.49ea       Food4Less
Artichokes                          $1 ea            SunflowerMkt

Pasta, AmerBeauty 12-16 oz     $0.49        Smiths
Kellogg's cereal 12-12.5oz         $1.77        Food4Less (*select varieties-see ad)
Sunny D 64oz                             $0.79        Smiths
Mom's Best Naturals Cereal       $0.99        Smiths
Kraft BBQ Sauce 18oz               $0.48        Food4Less
Philly CreamCheese 8oz            $0.98        Food4Less
Wishbone dressing 8oz              $0.98        Glaziers

NY strip steak, bone-in               $3.99/lb     Albertsons
Filet Mignon roast                       $9.99/lb     Albertsons
Beef back ribs                            $1.27/lb      Food4Less

JoseCuervo tequila 750ml          $9.98        Smiths

There are some great coupon match-ups, too!  I'll post those soon!  Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Host a House Party

This is so cool!  I just signed up to host a Ball Canning House Party!  It's free & they send you all the supplies.

I really hope they pick me.  The party's in late June, so the garden should be full of good veggies by then.  If I get selected & you live in Vegas, you're invited!  :)

If you want to apply, you can here.

(I learned about this on Money Saving Mom's blog which is awesome.)