Grow Your Own Green Onions

Drumroll, please!  Here are the results from our latest Money-Saving experiment.  I was pleasantly surprised at what happened! ...despite a bumpy start.

I heard that green onions will keep regenerating themselves in water. 

So, I headed to the fridge to grab some (that I got for 20 cents thanks to some price-matching prowess), filled a canning jar with water & stuck 'em in. 

Here's what they looked like after a few days:
Not great, but notice all the new growth! There were 7 or 8 new onions growing up from between the old ones.  To be honest, this was an older, semi-slimy bunch of onions to begin with, so I wasn't expecting stellar results.  I was just impatient (as usual) & wanted to get started right away with whatever I had on-hand. 

(I also stripped the slimy outer layer off of these before placing them in the water which turns out to be a mistake since the new onions grow out of the 'cracks' between the current ones.  Leave them as much of their natural protection as possible.)

Fortunately, green onions were still on sale the following week, so I started over with a proper bunch of fresh guinea pigs.  Much better, yes?

After 7 days, we had ourselves some gorgeous, tender new scallions!  Two of them actually grew so high that they fell over & broke.  Maybe I should transfer them from the canning jar to a clear vase for some extra support.  They were scrumptious, mild & fresh-tasting.  Success!

It was exciting to know that we can still grow our own food even when it's freezing outside.  My green thumb gets a bit depressed during the winter & this was just what it needed.  Now, to find some thrifty recipes & put these bad boys to use!  Have fun!


  1. love it - going to try it myself :)

    what ones did u pick? The old ones or the new ones?


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