Party Ideas for The Big Game

I am a sucker for party food.  If your team is playing in 'The Big Game', I'm sure you're having or attending a party.  If your team isn't playing...let's just use this as an excuse for some killer party snacks! 

Today, I'm sharing two knocked-outta-the-park victories & one epic fail!

Over the years, I've been using Pinterest to find innovative ideas for snacks, drinks, party decor & other things you wouldn't believe if I told you.

One of my biggest party food victories has actually been about party drinks!  I am obsessed with kitchen gadgets & my sodastream is no exception. Even after having (mostly) eliminating soda from my diet, I still put this bad boy to work!

I use it to make sparkling water & just add some mint, lemon, lime, rosemary, cucumber...whatever sounds good.  It's a quick, cheap, healthy alternative to soda & that extra-chemically diet soda.  Sparkling lemonade is also transcendent.  I highly recommend it.  AND can also make soda.  Duh.  The money this thing saved me when I drank soda was mind-boggling!

I bought mine here.  They're offering free shipping right now too.  Score!


My second party food victory was these fantabulous stuffed jalapenos.  Dang, they were good!  I've actually made them for dinner on a normal, non-party night.  I get really excited when I find a healthier version of a sinful food that is actually enjoyable.  This is it!

Now, for the epic fail:

Last year, I tried making these baked mozzarella sticks. I lurve me some fried cheese & was ecstatic that I could indulge with less guilt! I was wrong. It was an utter trainwreck. I ended up with a pizza stone full of melted cheese puddles topped with crumbs. Huge time-waster & even huger disappointment for my tummy.

"String cheese chopped into bite size pieces, dipped in milk and bread crumbs, baked at 425 for 8-10 minutes- serve with marinara sauce!" Sounds reasonable enough, right? Wrong.

Save yourself the trauma.  (Fortunately, the recipe has been yanked from where I pinned it, so I'm not directly embarrassing anyone.)

Happy Snacking!!!  ...and for those of you actually watching the game, may the best team win!


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