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This site is designed to help you have more money AND more food.

My family has spent much less money on groceries & household items, yet we have a substantial surplus.

My mission is to show you how to do the same.

1)  I want your everyday purchases to cost you less, so you have extra money to pay off debt or to invest. 

2)  I also want you to have a shelf full of cereal that you paid $1 per box for.  When the prices hit over $5 per box, you'll still be eating the $1 cereal.

*EXTRA CREDIT*  ...And if you feel compelled, you could even share a few of those boxes with other people, so they're not always having to pay 5X what you did.

Obviously, this method will apply to dozens of items...not just cereal. :)

How is this possible?  This blog is meant to transform your life in 3 Steps.

First, we just change the way we shop. 

The most effective basic method is this:

1)  Find an item's lowest price.   
2)  Combine that lowest price with a coupon & buy enough to last you until it's on sale again.

You have now saved a considerable amount of money.  You'll also never need to pay more for an item than its rock-bottom price.  You've bought 5 boxes of $1 cereal instead of 1 box of $5 cereal...& it's the exact same cereal.  Nice work!

The second life-changing element is "The B-Word".  Yep.  Everyone should be living within a Budget...or its gentler name, "Spending Plan".

When I saw exactly where my money was going, I wanted to hurl.  It can be an unpleasant process, but is absolutely essential to financial success. 
Ask the C.E.O. of any company whether or not they have a record of where every single penny goes every single month.  Run your personal finances like a Fortune 500 company.

Dave Ramsey has been our major driving influence. His website offers motivation from a community of people who are on our same painful, yet rewarding journey.  It also gives you practical tools to write your first Spending Plan & good advice on how to see eye-to-eye with your spouse about finances.  Click here to take a look around Dave's site.

Finally, I recommend using the Envelope System each month.  It's been around forever because it works.

Once you write your Spending Plan, designate an envelope for each variable expense.  (The mortgage folks tell YOU how much to pay them each month, so that's a fixed expense.  You tell YOURSELF how much you spend on fast food, Starbucks & entertainment each month, so those are variable expenses that need envelopes.)

The first day of each month, put the cash in the envelopes & when they're empty, you're done spending.  Simple, but miraculously effective!

Those are the few basic changes we made.  They changed everything. 
The other pages on this site go into more detail...& somtimes show you how to get free stuff.  :)  Enjoy!

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