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Thursday, November 3, 2011

This Week's Best Grocery Prices (as of 11/3/11)

Alrighty, here we go!  Please click on the following link for some important tips on price-matching at WalMart

asparagus   1.49/lb   Sunflower Mkt
green cabbage   20 cents/lb   El Super
sweet corn   20 cents each   El Super
radishes   20 cents/bunch   BuyLow
cilantro   20 cents/bunch   Buy Low
cucumbers   20 cents each   El Super
celery   25 cents each   Buy Low
pears, Bartlett   49 cents/lb   Food4Less
apples, Gala   49 cents/lb   Food4Less
grapes, red seedless   50 cents/lb  Marianas

pork loin roast, boneless   1.99/lb   Smiths
pork shoulder (picnic roast)   1.48/lb   Food4Less
chicken, whole Foster Farms   69 cents/lb   Vons LIMIT 3
chicken breasts, bone-in split  97 cents/lb   El Super
ribeye bone-in 4.99/lb NOTE: WalMart doesn't carry bone-in steaks, so head to Smiths for this price

Jimmy Dean sausage roll 16 oz.   $2.50  Food4Less*
Oscar Meyer turkey bacon 11.5-12oz   $1.99 Albertsons
Bar S bologna 12 oz. (chicken, turkey, thick or original)  $0.99   Marianas

Many of these items are at Smiths or Food4Less and are part of a promotion where you must buy 10 of the promotional items (mix and match) to get this price.  I'm going to make sure I buy multiples of 10, just in case they want to check the ad, but that should be easy considering the large group of items I can pick from.  I just hope I find the right amount of coupons to coincide.

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze 1/2 gallon   $1.99   Smiths*
DelMonte canned veggies 14.5-15.25 oz.  $0.48   Food4Less
Albertsons brand canned beans 15oz.   $0.50   Albertsons
Campbells creamy soups 10.75-14.5 oz.  $0.48  Food4Less*
Annie's Natural Mac 'n' Cheese 5.25-6 oz.  $0.69   Smiths
Heinz gravy 12 oz.   $0.75   Smiths
Pringles can   $0.98  Food4Less*
California Pizza Kitchen pizza 12.6-17 oz   $4.49 Vons*
Crest cavity toothpaste 4.6 oz    $1.00    Smiths*
Oral B cavity defense toothbrush    $1.00   Smiths*

*  These items have coupons.  Some are printable from your computer & others are in printed ads.  I found them on the coupon trackers on  If I had more time today, I'd also check 's coupon database.

Good luck!  Don't worry if it doesn't go perfectly.  We're all human.  It will take time to develop any new skill or method.  Be patient with yourself.  You will slowly watch your grocery envelope have more extra cash in it each month...and your cabinets & freezers slowy have more extra food in them each month.  It's nice!  It's worth it!

Anybody Up For Some Price-Matching?

Well, hello!  ...long time, no see.  Sorry about that.  I could be here all day describing how busy I've been, but I won't.  I have missed you dearly!

I'm very happy to report that I've been meeting with people one-on-one to discuss how we do what we do.  I absolutely ADORE helping people have more money and more food.  So, I'm going to post this week's grocery shopping list just to give 'em a little headstart.

Anybody in Las Vegas can take that list to their local Super WalMart & match the prices. 

I find that when I'm super-humble, friendly & grateful, things run smoothly.  I'm just giddy that WalMart price matches & I desperately want to keep it that way.  Shoot, I might even put my favorite Associates on my Christmas card list...they make that big of a difference.

Also, kindly warn anyone who gets in line behind you that you might take a while to finish your checkout.  That way, you have much less guilt.

Lastly, you will absolutely want to separate your price-matching items from the rest of your items (if you're choosing to pay what WalMart has some items priced for today).  I keep mine at the back of my cart & put them on the belt last...after a visibly obvious break on the belt.  Also, it will make things easier on you and your Associate if you place like items together.  All of the 16 oz. Kraft Ranch Dressings in a row, the other flavors in a row, etc.  They can just hit a quantity key after they've keyed in the price match codes which will save everyone a great deal of hassle &, it will keep you from feeling scattered.

That's just a super-quick rundown of how this price-matching thing should go.  If you have any questions, be sure to leave a comment & I'll try to check on them fairly often over the next week or so.  If you're one of the groups I've been meeting with personally, you've got my digits so feel free to text me.  :)

Here comes the's gonna take me a little while to type up...