How To Know Exactly When To Buy Store Brands

It might sound silly, but people tend to have surprisingly strong opinions on whether or not to buy store brands. 

One camp says you should always buy them because (legend has it that) they're made at the same factories & are an obvious way to consistently save money.  Another camp says to avoid them & buy name brands whose high value coupons make them a better deal.

I, however, live in neither of these camps.  Why?  Because I have been given a foolproof way to determine which store brands are indeed produced by the exact same folks that make the fancy, schmancy name brands.  Pretty awesome.

Read this article to learn my secret method.  Fortunately, it's as simple as reading the label...& knowing exactly what to look for.  Mystery solved!  ...& having one less thing for the couponing world to quarrel about means more time to shop!  :)


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