Extreme Couponing Is Easy & Fun

I hope everyone got to see the premier of TLC's Extreme Couponing.  I'm so glad that this stuff is going mainstream!  ...Not that I really mind being "extreme" or "weird" when I'm saving so much money.  :)

I'm just happy that more people will hopefully start saving money & having more food in their pantries than before.  Just the thought of it is literally bringing a tear (of joy) to my eye right now.  Oh, I love it.  My heart is so happy.

So!  If you're new to the whole "couponing thing", don't be scared.  It's really simple.  It can be as quick or as in-depth as you want it to be.  The Basic Method is explained on our Start Here page along with the general strategy we've followed to take our family's finances in a really fun direction. 

The Resources Page is also full of useful information.  It has a price-tracking spreadsheet & will teach you some of the coupon jargon you'll be running into...I affectionately call it my Second Language now.  :)  Plus, you'll be able to find out what coupons will be in which Sunday newspapers & more.

If you're new to this crazy journey, Welcome!  If you're an old pro at this stuff, Congratulations!  Let's take some folks under our wings & help them spend less while having more!  :)


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