Now, Let's Have Some Fun!

Thank goodness all of the "serious" stuff has been covered.

If you survived the groundwork & are still's fixin' to get fun!  :)

Here's the very basic premise that has saved us the most money.  Don't worry...I will explain all of this in great detail another day.  We're just laying the foundation tonight.  (Shoot, I felt like I owed you some sense of hope after the smack across the head from this morning!)

I’m going to start out by explaining the basic shopping process that has saved our family the most money.  I'd feel cool if I was the one who created this, but thousands of people use this method.  ...because it's ridiculously effective.

First, we had to adopt a new mindset about how to shop for groceries & household items.
How Most Of Us Grocery Shop Now
1-We make a list of what we want to eat & go buy some. 
Some of us diligently plan our menus for the entire week before we go shopping.  The rest of us just stop on the way home from work & grab whatever we’re in the mood to eat for the next couple of days…along with some impulse purchases, of course.  (I mean, who doesn’t want the gossip magazine full of celebrities caught without make-up, right?  Plus, you had a rough day at work & deserve that King Sized Snickers bar!)
2- We make a list of what we’re out of & go buy some…for whatever price they’re charging that day.
Well, my friends, kiss both of those methods good-bye! 
And say “hello” to a lot more food in your pantry AND a lot more cash in your pocket! 

$       The New Plan       $

1-      Buy what is on sale when it’s at its lowest price
2-      Use a coupon with that sale. 
3-      Buy enough to last until it’s at its lowest price again.

It’s that simple.  Do those 3 things & you will amaze yourself! 
Now…Where to start?
I'll unleash the details on you very soon!  I admire your choice to simultaneously have more food & more money.  :)    When that happens, life is pretty sweet.
Love & hugs!
Talk to you soon!


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