How To Track Prices

Now that you have access to the spreadsheet, here are 2 things you should know about it.

First, I realize that it looks a bit funky. I used a Google program to allow it to be available online since blogspot doesn't appear to allow me to attach a document. Here's the best way to save it so you can use it easier.

After you click on the link for the spreadsheet, Click on "File" in the upper left corner as shown in the green circle below. Then select "Download As" & choose which program you use. Voila!  Save it to your computer to use forever.

Second, I used some abbreviations for some store names. If you live in Las Vegas, you'll hopefully be able to deduce which stores I'm talking about. If you don't live in Las Vegas, you'll be replacing those names with your own awesome, local stores' anyway.

What the spreadsheet tracks:
• Food or Household Item (by category)
• Lowest price I have found it at
• What store offered that lowest price
• What date that price began (usually runs for a 1-week period)
• Which week-long cycle that price was during

Meaning, when I began tracking the prices, I referred to that as Week #1. It helps me quickly scan that column to know which prices are currently at their lowest & to recognize any Sale Patterns.

The spreadsheet is my #1 tool for creating that week’s shopping list. It’s also my #1 tool for my new favorite hobby… price-matching! (more on that later)

P.S.- My Dad reminded me today that if you don't have Microsoft Excel, there's a free program that allows you to read Excel spreadsheets & works just fine.  It's called Open Office & is a free download.  I tracked it down & put the link right here.


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