Best Grocery Prices

Today is a big day.  I feel like a proud Mommy sending my only child off to college.
Only, my kid is my price-tracking spreadsheet & I'm sending it to you.

This spreadsheet will quite possibly be the single-most important tool for your Money-Saving Mission.  I know I have saved hundreds of dollars because of it & would be utterly lost without it.

It contains 42 weeks of grocery prices in 11 pages.  And, not just any grocery prices, but the very best ones I was able to find.

People who live outside of Las Vegas should use it as a guide & a groundwork.  Sit with it each week & adjust the prices to match your flyers.  (Dear Southern friends:  Take pity on us that we have to exist without Publix, Kroger & double coupons.  Oh, how I envy you for so many reasons.)

People who live in Las Vegas can use this as a living, breathing, ever-changing document that's ready to go.

No matter where you live, this will help you make sure you don't accidentally pay too much for something.

I still get fooled all the time by the grocery flyers.  Something will look like a great price & the spreadsheet ends up showing that I should wait & buy it later for much less.

Just because it says, "Buy One, Get One Free", doesn't mean you aren't getting robbed!
The other day, one store had Oscar Mayer bologna Buy One, Get One Free at the price of $3.00 each.  Really?  For bologna?  The same bologna that's at your competitor for 98 cents?  Now, THAT'S bologna!

What's even sadder is that some poor, frazzled single Dad probably ran in & grabbed 1 package without paying attention to the little sign & actually paid the $3.00.  Ugh. 

Please use this spreadsheet & tell everyone you know to get on here & download a copy for themselves...& everyone they know, too, for that matter.

Disclaimer:  There are typically 4 children buzzing around me & I have probably been distracted during price-tracking least once.  ;)  So, I'm sure I've missed some prices or made some other mistakes.  Shoot, you'll even see some items I've just completely quit tracking because I get them at CVS or Walgreens now.  Please forgive me, in advance.  I'm sure the spreadsheet is not perfect, but it is invaluable. 

Please embrace it, enjoy it, use it to save your family lots of your hard-earned money...and for goodness sakes, please tell it to call home every once in a while!  Mama wants to hear all about it's exciting new adventures out there in the real world! 

Here ya go!


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