My Search For a Fun, Inventive Recipe

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I LOOOOVE it, eating it, talking about it & even reminiscing about a meal from 14 years ago!

Since I started this blog a couple of months ago, I've been absolutely swamped with recipes (& coupons & freebies & surveys & hundreds of gimmicks), so I try to sort things out before I lay 'em on y'all.

Tonight, I signed up for Recipe Nut because...well, I AM one & I think I found a recipe that's actually semi-original...& should impress the heck out of anyone with young kids.  :) 
Shoot, I expect my parents to try this one just because it sounds so fun!

Click here to learn how to make The Empty Tomb Buns.

To make this entertaining (& supposedly delicious) Easter treat, you're supposed to...
Wrap pieces of bread dough around marshmallows (I am NOT impressed so far), dip them in butter (hello!), roll them in cinnamon-sugar & bake.  

The end-result is 'Empty Tombs' that baffle your kids' minds about how the marshmallow 'disappeared'...& that also happen to taste delicious!

I love Easter, I love Jesus, I love springtime & I love food! **

When you click on the link above, go to the "Occassion" tab & select "Spring".  Should be fun.  I think our teenagers will even be intrigued enough to try it.

**  (Even if you hate Easter, hate Jesus, hate springtime & hate food, I still love ya.)


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