Cooking With Sale Items & A Stockpile (Pt.3)

This post is more explanation about how I cook by combining each week's random sale items with our stockpile.

In a previous post we explained how a food stockpile is born (almost accidentally) when you shop the right way. Then, we talked about exactly what a stockpile could contain.  Food prices are continuing to increase at a faster rate than they have in several decades, so our stockpile helps to avoid paying those ludicrous prices later.

Even though our non-perishable stockpile is great, it lacks fresh ingredients.  So, how do we save the most money on those?

The most effective basic method for saving the most money on groceries is posted on the Start Here page.  If you haven't been there yet, check it out, so you'll be saving as much money as possible.  Basically, we end up buying items only when they're at their lowest prices...which usually leaves us with an "interesting" looking shopping cart!

Recently, we've had the best sale prices on...drumroll, please....
---chuck roast, NY steaks, chicken thighs, chicken wings, whole chickens, lemons, carrots, apples, onions, limes, jalapeno peppers, green cabbage, navel oranges, iceberg lettuce & cheese.  Can you say "random"?  :)  So what did my family eat?

I'll post my menu next.  We ate other stuff, but I've composed a list of 11 meals that came to mind quickly.  They used a combination of 39 "random sale items" & stockpile items.  I'll post that menu next & want to hear your creative cooking ideas, too!


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