How to Have More While Spending Less

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Best Grocery Prices in Las Vegas -12/28/11

Hey, everybody!  I hope you had a blessed 2011 and that your 2012 is more wonderful than your wildest dreams!

The stores have some screamin' hot deals this week in hopes to make our New Year's Eve celebrations a bit more festive!  We will be staying home, avoiding the crowds, saving around 90% on the evening and STILL having steak, lobster & cocktails.  Life is good, folks!  ...especially when you're a smart shopper.

*Note: Be sure to check the Latino markets' websites to double-check when their new prices begin...they're not on the same schedules.  Cardenas & BuyLow have some new prices starting in the next day or so.  :)

Here's what I bought today:

Kiwis       $0.08 ea       Marketon
Cucumbers        $0.17 ea       ElSuper
Green Onions        $0.20 bunch     Food4Less
Green beans        $0.79/lb        99 Ranch Market
Avocados (small Hass)       $0.16 ea       Food4Less
Radishes        $0.20 bunch       Food4Less
Roma Tomatoes       $0.25/lb        La Bonita

Pork Spareribs         $0.99/lb      ElSuper
Chicken Breast Tenders  (fresh)     $1.87/lb       Food4Less
Salmon Fillet (fresh)      $5.88/lb      Glaziers
NY Steak boneless!!!     $4.44/lb      Glaziers

hummus, Athenos 7 oz.      $1.25     Smiths

Arm & Hammer deodorant 2.6-2.8oz      $1.00     Food4Less

All alcoholic beverages below are 750ml size:
Andre' sparkling wine     $2.98      Food4Less
E&J Brandy   $6.97    El Super

The following deals are at Albertsons.  It's BOGO, so you must buy 2 bottles & this final price is for each bottle:
Carolans Irish Cream      $7.25
Sauza tequila   $8.50
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum    $9.00
Smirnoff vodka (select varieties)    $7.50

This is one of the best times of the year to stock up on luxurious food & drinks.  Liquor will go on sale again around the 4th of July, so if you find the right coupons, you could be able to stock up twice a year & keep an exciting, full bar.

Oh!  Speaking of coupons...I used $30 in liquor coupons for the above items!  Albertsons had 2 coupon books near the front of the store that have holiday themes.  Most of those coupons expire on New Year's Eve, so hit the stores before then.  Also, the Albertsons sales circular had some more liquor coupons for the same items.  Major score.  Our beverage envelope is coasting into the end of the month on fumes, but we've got our spiced rum to make the hubby's tropical drinks come summertime!

Lastly...the lobster tails.  Please don't fall prey to the freezer-burned 3-5 oz. mockeries that the major chains are trying to make a big fuss over.  Those are available all year & I'm finding that they are not on sale right now...just over-advertised. :(

However!  Albertsons has a teeny tiny picture in their ad of some lobster claws & arms...for $9.99/lb.  Now, that's where our money went!  We considered the whole cooked 10 ounce lobsters at Food4Less for $6.00 each.  We then entertained the live whole lobsters at Glaziers for $7.77/lb.  Both are fine deals.  But the sweet, succulent meat-to-shell ratio was far superior in the claws & arms. 

Whichever option you choose, you will be saving a hilarious amount of money over hitting one of the fine dining restaurants on the Strip...or even in a local casino.  BTW- Stoli & Ketel One vodkas are also on sale at Albertsons, so if you'd like to relax at home with a nice martini, you don't have to worry about paying for the cab ride home.  See, living within a modest budget isn't all that bad.  I see this martini glass as half-full!  ;)

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope your 2012 beats the hell outta your 2011!