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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our 1st Contest!

OK, everyone...thinking caps on!  This is a photo of a recent shopping trip to Albertsons.  (Mmmm...feta cheese.)

Whoever guesses how much I spent, or gets the closest without going under, (ooh, tricky!) wins a prize!  Hint:  No, the trip was not free.  :(

The prize is a CD called Conquering The Financial Kingdom & I keep it in my car at all times.  I'll pop it in every few weeks for some sound financial counsel.  (Yeah, it might not be a glamorous prize, but I like it!  And you don't get the scratched copy from my car, you get a brand-new one of your very own!)  It's just good ol' fashioned wisdom & it's been very helpful to my hubby & me as we've been on our journey of Stretching Our Savings & treating our money much differently than ever before.

Plus, you get the bragging rights that come with being the winner of our very first contest! :)

I will announce the winner & contact them privately to get shipping information.  The first person to guess correctly wins OR the closest guess without going UNDER. Ready, set, GO!
Details: 4 boxes of Act II microwave popcorn, 1- 3.5 oz package of Reduced Fat Athenos feta cheese, 2- 24 oz bottles of Hunt's ketchup and 4 Snack Packs (4 in each) of pudding.  Have fun!  :)

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