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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Weekly Grocery List -5/3/11

This week has a lot to offer.  There are some really good deals on steaks & lobsters because that's what people LOVE to have cooked for them on Mother's Day.  ;)  hint, hint...

OK, Vegas, here are the lowest grocery prices in town:

Seedless Watermelon        $0.17/lb       SunflowerMkt
Iceberg Lettuce                  $0.50 ea      Marianas
Key Limes                          5 cents ea    SunflowerMkt
Strawberries                       $0.98/lb       Fresh&Easy
White corn                          $0.25ea       Albertsons
Haas avocados                  $0.49ea       Food4Less
Artichokes                          $1 ea            SunflowerMkt

Pasta, AmerBeauty 12-16 oz     $0.49        Smiths
Kellogg's cereal 12-12.5oz         $1.77        Food4Less (*select varieties-see ad)
Sunny D 64oz                             $0.79        Smiths
Mom's Best Naturals Cereal       $0.99        Smiths
Kraft BBQ Sauce 18oz               $0.48        Food4Less
Philly CreamCheese 8oz            $0.98        Food4Less
Wishbone dressing 8oz              $0.98        Glaziers

NY strip steak, bone-in               $3.99/lb     Albertsons
Filet Mignon roast                       $9.99/lb     Albertsons
Beef back ribs                            $1.27/lb      Food4Less

JoseCuervo tequila 750ml          $9.98        Smiths

There are some great coupon match-ups, too!  I'll post those soon!  Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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