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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weekly Grocery List -5/25/11

Hey, there!  It seems like forever since I've talked to you guys!  I've missed you!

We had an indescribably amazing week at my baby sister's wedding!  Thanks for being so patient while we were celebrating.  :)

So, here's the run-down.  These items are near their lowest price this week, so buy enough to last until the next time they're on sale.  I did my shopping yesterday & it's a pretty fun list.   Memorial Day weekend brings some sales & summer drinks are here, too.

Coke products, 12pk                 $2.50 wyb4    Albertsons,Smiths
Gatorade 32 oz                         $0.50             Albertsons
KoolAid 6-8 qt size                    $0.99             Smiths
Tang 6-8 qt size                         $0.99             Smiths
Lemonade, CountryTime 6-8qt   $0.99           Smiths

mustard, French's 20 oz             $0.99           Albertsons
Lays KettleChips 8.5oz              $1.99             Smiths
Lays Chips 11oz                        $1.98             Food4Less

Pork spareribs                           $1.27/lb         Vons (wyb 10lbs)
OscarMeyer franks 16oz           $0.99             Vons
chicken breasts, w/bone            $0.99/lb         Smiths, BuyLow

seedless watermelon                $0.10/lb          Marianas
Limes                                        $0.34/LB         LaBonita
Lemons                                     $0.39/LB        Liborio
Bell Peppers, green                  $0.50/LB         Liborio
Roma tomatoes                        $0.34/lb          Mariana,BuyLow

*Note:  Due to the holiday weekend, this Sunday's newspaper will most likely contain ZERO coupon inserts.  So, it's extra important to shop smartly this week since they've left us hangin'!

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