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Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekly Grocery List -5/11/11

This week has some pretty awesome deals.  You can take this list & your sales flyers to Wal-Mart to price-match, if you'd like.  As long as we're all super, duper organized & really nice to our cashiers, it looks like Wal-Mart will be honoring this for quite a while!  :)

Here are the best grocery prices in Las Vegas:

Chicken breasts (bone-in)             $0.99/lb.      Albertsons
Alaska Cod fillets                          $3.99/lb.      Albertsons
pork loin, boneless                        $1.99/lb.      Smart&Final
pork chops, sirloin end, bone-in    $1.49/lb.      Marketon
chicken legs                                  $0.69/lb.      BuyLow

cabbage, green                             $0.33/lb.      Food4Less
white corn                                      $0.17 ea.    Sunflower
seedless watermelon                    $0.10/lb.      Marianas
cucumbers                                    $0.10 ea.    Marianas
Iceberg lettuce                              $0.34 ea.     Marianas
navel oranges                               $0.17/lb       Marketon
apples, Jonagold                          $0.50/lb.      Marketon
apples, Pink Lady                         $0.34/lb.      BuyLow
apples, Granny Smith                   $0.50/lb.      Liborio

Mom's Best Naturals cereal 12-16.5oz    $0.99     Smiths
Sunny D 64 oz.                                $0.79         Smiths
pasta, Amer. Beauty 12-16 oz.       $0.49          Smiths
Quaker cereal 14-16 oz. sel.var.    $1.49          Smiths
Ketchup, Hunt's 24 oz.                   $0.88          Albertsons
BBQ sauce, Kraft 18oz.                 $0.48          Food4Less

Shock Top beer 12pk. bottles         $9.99        Fresh&Easy
E&J Brandy 750ml                          $6.99        Marketon

There ya go!  I'll check for coupon match-ups, but I'm not sure if there are any this week.  I'm still excited!  There's a lot of good stuff to stock up on this week.  I'm going to try to find an easy way to get that corn off the cob so I can freeze a bunch.  Happy shopping!  :)

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