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Friday, May 6, 2011

Sunday Coupon Preview- 5/8/11

Do you want to know exactly which coupons will be in Sunday's newspaper?  Click here for the complete list.

It looks like we'll be getting 1 SmartSource insert in the newspaper.  The 2011 Coupon Insert Schedule shows us getting a RedPlum this week, too, but that will probably be in Tuesday's mail.

My hubby will be so happy!  We haven't had Fig Newtons since I began couponing & Sunday's paper has a $1/1 coupon!  Hooray!!!


  1. Happy Mother's Day!!
    You said awhile ago that you would take requests....Would you consider making a list of the "I wouldn't pay more than blank for blank?" For example, You've said before that you wouldn't pay more than a dollar for cereal. What do you think?:)

  2. Hope your boys treated you like a Queen yesterday! I can do a list like that. Good idea. Keep the requests comin'! The blog is about to be completely's gonna be beautiful! :)