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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weekly Shopping List -4/6/11

OK, Las Vegas!  This week has some serious potential.  (Finally!)  :)

Chicken breasts (bone-in)                    99 cents/lb     Smiths
Pork chops, loin, center cut                  $1.99/lb          Marketon
Chicken drumsticks (fresh)                  $0.91/lb           Glaziers
Steak, NY Strip (boneless!)                 $4.96/lb           Glaziers

Carrots                                                   33 cents/lb      Food4Less
Bell Peppers, Red                                98 cents/LB!   Food4Less
Mangoes                                                34 cents ea.   Marketon
Green Cabbage                                    20 cents/lb      BuyLow
Apples, Fuji                                            34 cents/lb      BuyLow

Hormel chili 15 oz. canned                  $0.88                Smiths
Cream soup, 10.5oz Kroger               $0.55                Smiths
Cheese, Tillamook 5lb.                        $9.99                Smiths
Gen.Mills Cereal asst.10.7-12.8oz     $1.49                Smart&Final (see ad for details!)

Sauza or Bacardi 750mL                    $8.98                Food4Less

These aren't quite rock-bottom prices, but they're closer than I've seen them in a few weeks.  :)  Happy Shopping!

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