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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weekly Grocery List -4/27/11

Alright, you guys...there are definitely some grocery deals out there this week!  A lot of the good ones are on chicken, fresh produce & tequila thanks to Cinco de Mayo being just around the corner.

OK, Las Vegas, here's what I'd buy this week because it's at a great price:

Pork chops, loin, bone-in                $1.70/lb          Cardenas
Chicken leg qtrs. frozen                  $0.59/lb.         Albertsons
Chicken drumsticks                        $0.59/lb          Cardenas
hot dogs, FosterFarms 16 oz         $0.98              Food4Less

Mangos                                          $0.33 ea        Alb & Vons
White Corn                                     $0.20 ea       Cardenas
Bell peppers                                  $0.25 ea          Food4Less
Bananas                                        $0.34/lb         Marketon
Kiwis                                              $0.17 ea        Marketon
Lemons                                         $0.10 ea        Marketon
Cucumbers                                   $0.10 ea         Cardenas
Romaine Lettuce                          $0.57 ea        Liborio

Storebrand Pnut Butter 18oz           $1.00            Smiths/Kroger
Kellogg's cereal 12-20oz sel.var.    $1.98             Smiths
Nissin CupoNoodles 6pk.                $0.98            Food4Less
HamburgerHelper 7.2oz                  $0.98             Food4Less
Crest 4.6oz                                     $1.00            Smiths
Colgate 6.4 oz                                $1.00            Food4Less

Sauza gold tequila 750ml                $7.98            Food4Less
Cuervo gold tequila 750ml              $9.98             Food4Less

Happy early Cinco de Mayo!  Stock up now for a couple of weeks of good times!  :)

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