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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weekly Grocery List -4/20/11

Woo-hoo!  This week is amazing!  The stores are giving us a lot of great options for Easter feasts.  It also looks like the warm weather is bringing us lots of fruits & veggies.

OK, Las Vegas, here's what will save you the most money this week.  Fill those freezers!  :)

Farmer John hot dogs 16oz.                  78 cents       Food4Less
Fresh&Easy Bacon 10-16oz.                $3.00            Fresh&Easy
Smithfield 1/2 ham                                  $0.77/lb        Fresh&Easy
chick breasts, bnless/skinless               $1.79/lb        Marketon -Fri. only
chick breasts, bone-in Fost.Farms       $1.29/lb        Cardenas
Roast, ribeye, boneless                         $4.99/lb        F&Easy/Vons

Limes                                                       $0.25/lb        Marketon
Iceberg Lettuce                                       $0.34 ea.     Marketon
Golden Del. Apples                                $0.33/lb        Cardenas (Th&Fri only)
White corn                                               $0.25 ea.      Marianas
Cucumbers                                             $0.15 ea       Marianas
Seedless watermelon                            $0.20/lb         Marianas
Broccoli                                                   $0.50/lb         Marketon
Braeburn apples                                     $0.34/lb         BuyLow
Celery                                                      $0.34 ea        Buy Low
Strawberries                                           $0.99/lb         F&Easy/Vons
Kiwis                                                        $0.13 ea       Cardenas (Th&Fri only)

Birdseye frozen veg.10-12oz               $0.79              Smiths
Hashbrowns, storebrand 30oz              $1.99             Fresh&Easy
Lay's Kettle Chips 9 oz.                         $1.99             Smiths
Imperial Spread 16 oz.                          $0.58             Food4Less

Sauza Gold Tequila 750ml                    $7.98             Food4Less
E&J Brandy  750 ml                               $7.98             Food4Less
Andre sparkling wine                             $4.48             Food4Less
Shock Top 12 pk.bottles                        $10.99           Fresh&Easy

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