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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weekly Grocery List -4/13/11

OK, is this week's list of what's at its "stock-up price" (or somewhere close to it).
Note:  This list is for Las Vegas. Those of you who live in other cities...would you like me to attempt to compile a customized list for you?  If so, leave a Comment & I'll see what we can do for the most popular request(s)!

Beef, ground 80/20                                         $1.97/lb.              Vons
Beef, roast, tri tip                                             $1.99/lb.              Vons
Ham, Smithfield ½ ham                                   $0.77/lb.              Fresh&Easy
Lunchmeat, FostFarms >16oz.                         $2.99                     Vons

Apples, Jonagold                                              $0.34/lb.              BuyLow
Apples, Granny Smith                                       $0.25/lb.              BuyLow 4/13 only!
Oranges, Navel                                                $0.13/lb.              Marketon
Lemons                                                            $0.10 each           Marketon 4/14 only!
Kiwi                                                                   $0.13 each           Marketon
Grapes, green seedless                                  $0.77/lb.              Liborio 4/13 only!
Mangos                                                            $0.34 each           Marianas
Asparagus                                                        $0.99/lb.              Liborio 4/13 only!
Bell peppers, RED                                            $0.98/LB!!           Food4Less
Celery, bunch                                                   $0.50                     Marketon
Lettuce, Iceberg head                                     $0.34 ea.              BuyLow

Birdseye frozen veggies 10-16oz.                  $0.98                     Food4Less
Toothpaste, Colgate 6.4 oz.                           $0.99                     BuyLow
Cheese, store brand, 1 lb.                              $2.50                     Food4Less
Coke products, 2 ltr.                                       $0.69                     Albertsons
E&J Brandy 750 mL                                         $7.99                     BuyLow

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