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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Free Chuck E. Cheese Tokens

...and an awesome way to bribe the kids!

The Chuck E. Cheese site has printable calendars where if your kid reaches a daily goal for 2 weeks, they can exchange the chart for 10 free tokens!
(A food purchase is required, but I'd love to sit with a salad & not have the vultures, I mean 'babies', hovering over it.)

Shoot, I'm considering printing some of these for the whole family!  Who wouldn't want a teenager to have a "Homework First" calendar or a husband to have a "Great Listener" calendar?  (haha...I'm mostly joking about that last one.)  I might even print out a "No Nose Picking" calendar for a co-worker!  (I'm totally joking about that one.)

It's a win-win situation.  The kids learn a valuable lesson about setting & achieving goals.  Then, they get to eat & play games while the parents enjoy a cold one. 

Here's the link for the calendars.  They're really cute.  Have fun!

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