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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Weekly Shopping List -3/23

Alrighty. Here's what I went to Wal-Mart in search of this week.

Lemons                                               10 cents ea. (Marketon)
Fuji Apples                                          34 cents/lb. (Marketon)
Braeburn Apples                                25 cents/lb. (Mariana's)
Oranges                                              13 cents/lb. (Liborio)
Jalapenos                                           33 cents/lb. (Liborio)
Black Beans (dried)                           50 cents/lb. (Cardenas)
NY Steak, bone-in                              $3.99/lb. (Albertsons)
Chicken, whole                                   77 cents/lb. (Albertsons)
Cheese, store brand                          $4.99/32 oz. (Smiths)
Annie's Natural Mac'n'cheese          49 cents (Smiths)
Pasta, Amer.Beauty 16 oz.               49 cents (Smiths)
E&J Brandy 750mL.                          $6.99 (Marketon)
Powerade 32 oz.                               39 cents (Smiths)
Coke 2 ltr.                                           78 cents (Food4Less)

Note: My Wal-Mart didn't have Braeburn apples or the bone-in steaks on display.  :(  They were sold-out of Annie's Mac 'n' Cheese, too.

Overall, a good shopping trip.

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