How to Have More While Spending Less

Friday, March 18, 2011

This Week's Shopping List

Tonight, I had a revelation. ...about 15 minutes ago, you're getting this Hot/"Impromptu" Off The Presses!

I've been soul-searching, brainstorming & researching this blogging thing half-to-death.  I've had a fun 4/12 weeks with this blog & I LOVE helping people spend less money & have more food! 
We had a fun Workshop last week & I saved more money this week than I ever expected. 
Life is good.

And, tonight, in the midst of more research, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

"Stop trying to be a professional & just show folks exactly what you buy."

So, how 'bout this...I'll just post my personal shopping lists.

It can't get more straightforward than that.  :)

I made the list based upon my exhaustive spreadsheet of Las Vegas's lowest prices.

I buy what's at its lowest price this week (or anywhere close to it considering the recent skyrocketing of food & gas prices).

Here's what I bought this week at Wal-Mart using price-matching. (The price & store name are in parenthesis.)

Corned beef, point cut                                    99cents/lb (Vons& F&Easy)
Shrimp 41/50 count                                        $3.99/.b (buylow)
Pork loin chops w/ bone                                1.59/lb (Smith)
Jennie-O lunchmeat 9-10oz                           1.98 (Food4Less)
Chick breast boneless                                   1.29/lb (LaBonita)
BumbleBee pouch Albacore 2.5 oz              49 cents (Smiths)
Eggs, Jumbo 20 ct.                                         1.67 (Marianas)

Strawberries                                                    $1.50/lb (Food4Less & Marketon)
Gr. Cabbage                                                    25 cents/lb (BuyLow)
Oranges                                                           10 cents/lb (LaBonita)
Green Beans                                                    50 cents/lb (Marianas)
Jonagold apples                                              25 cents/lb (Marianas)
Cilantro bunch                                                 15 cents ea (BuyLow)

Pasta, Ronzoni 12-14.5oz                              49 cents (Smith)
Pasta, AmercanBeauty 16oz                         49 cents (Smith)
Ragu 16-26oz                                                  99 cents (albertsons)
Kraft 8oz block/shred                                     1.48 (F4Less)
Kraft 12 oz singles                                          1.48 (F4Less)
Cokes 2 ltr.                                                      78 cents (F4Less)
Take your sales flyers with you, just in case the cashier asks for proof.  If you don't receive all of these flyers in the mail, just google the store name & print them's worked for me so far.
The more organized you are before you leave home, the smoother (& faster!) the shopping trip will go.
***Don't forget to look for online coupons to match.
For example, the Ronzoni pasta is 49 cents & here's a link for $1/2 coupon.  Your pasta's free & you make an extra penny per box.  :)

Would you like to see my weekly lists?  I can post them with my coupon match-ups, too, if you'd like.  Just leave me a Comment & let me know.  I'm happy to share.


  1. I love that you are posting your shopping lists. I wanted to suggest that, but I didn't want you to think that I was THAT lazy:) I am suprised Walmart price matches BuyLow when we don't even have one here! Thank you, thank you!

  2. Funny you should mention that. We don't have "Bi-Lo", but we do have 1 "BuyLow"...which happens to have amazing prices! And by using my list, you're not lazy; you're efficient!

  3. Another suggestion that demonstrates my laziness is to post what you are making for dinner using the things you bought that week and what you use from your storage. That way people can see how effective your strategy really is.

  4. Ooh! Great idea. Never hesitate to let me know what could help. (...& stop saying "lazy", Mom of 3 boys & full-time teacher!)